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Dundonald Primary

Beyond the Classroom

We believe that education should extend beyond the classroom. To enrich the curriculum for our pupils, we offer a wide range of educational visits and other activities to bring the cross-curricular topics to life. All educational visits and activities support and enhance the work we do at school. Representatives from various organisations and other specialists visit the school to support our teaching & learning. Some visits relate directly to areas of learning for individual classes, whilst others relate to all pupils. 

Dundonald Primary School has a strong and distinctive tradition of providing children with these learning opportunities. Learning outdoors and undertaking educational visits provide memorable opportunities to investigate and experience the wider world. 


Educational Visits

Educational school visits are a hugely valuable part of the school curriculum at Dundonald Primary School. They provide children with new and real-life experiences that enhance our teaching and the children's learning.

Visits might take place in the immediate area of the school, other parts of the city, or further afield to places of interest. For the procedures charging for these activities, please see our Charging Policy.

Parents/Carers are often invited to accompany educational visits as helpers.

Residential Trips

Residential experiences are an important part of what we offer pupils at Dundonald Primary School. These experiences allow our children to develop resilience, perseverance, team work skills and independence. 

During the course of their time at Dundonald Primary School, pupils go on two residential trips - in Year 4 to PGL ... and in Year 6 to .

Extra-curricular Activities

The rich curriculum at Dundonald is enhanced by clubs and activities provided by a combination of staff, parents and external providers. Pupils benefit from a wide range of activities which vary from term to term, but may include football, rugby, netball, chess, tennis, choir, gymnastics, coding, cooking, art. 

Find out more about our extra-curricular activities here.