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Dundonald Primary

Extra Curricular Clubs

We offer children at Dundonald Primary School the opportunity to take part in a wide range of extra curricular clubs. 

Please read the Extra Curricular Club Guidelines that include important safeguarding arrangements for your child. 

In Art Club we explored 'silhuettes'. We began by drawing the out;line of our head, neck and shoulders onto black card. We cut it out carefully and stuck the leftover card onto a white piece of paper. This created a white shape of our body. We filled this space with drawings of objects and symbols that represent the important things in our lives.

What is important in YOUR life? What is meaningful to YOU?

 Club Information / Summer 2018

Clubs begin on Monday, 30th April and finish on Friday, 6th July 2018

The clubs on offer can be found on the clubs list below.

Clubs List Summer 2018

If you are applying for a club run by an external provider, please see the following information:



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