Dundonald Primary School

Governing Body Committee Structure

Some work of the Governing Body is delegated to committees. This allows for issues needing greater attention to be discussed in more detail.

The Governing Body of Dundonald Primary School has established the following committees:

Curriculum Committee 

The Curriculum Committee takes a strategic role in ensuring that the school provides high quality teaching and learning which leads to the highest possible levels of attainment and progress for all pupils and ensures that pupils and staff can be creative, challenged and happy in a caring, safe and supportive environment.

Chair:  Caitriona Hurley (Co-Chair), Mary Gregory (Co-Chair)

Additional Committee Members:

  • Emma Lemon
  • Ashley Berggren
  • Niamh Curran
  • Jim Stockwell 

Finance, Premises and Personnel (FPP) Committee

The FPP Committee ensures that the school has sufficient funding and physical assets - such as premises - to meet the school's requirement. This includes aspects such as Health & Safety, maintenance and capital works planning as well as oversight of the budget.  It ensures hat the Headteacher is able to update the governors on a regular basis on any personnel decisions that she takes. This includes updating governors on new appointments, supporting the school and Headteacher with staff interviews and monitoring school surveys.

Chair: Katharine Roberts

Additional Committee Members:

  • Nick Child (Vice-Chair)
  • Emma Lemon
  • Aparna Bindal