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Dundonald Primary

The school fund is made up of contributions from parents and carers. In the recent past this was used for educational 'extras' (e.g. workshops, special events, computer software). However, today it is being used for essentials, as government funding is falling short. 

We would like the School Fund to return to its original purpose of providing educational extras. However, until there is an improvement in Government funding, the School Fund is an important means for us to help maintain the standards of our school and provide our children with the educational resources they deserve. 

How do I contribute?

We kindly request that contributions are made via a monthly standing order (although one-off donations will also be gratefully received). 

If you are a UK taxpayer:

  • Please set up a monthly standing order to this bank account: DUNDONALD PRIMARY SCHOOL PTA, Sort Code 23-05-80, Account number 27737668
  • Print, complete & return the Gift Aid form to the school office. This will mean that for every £1 you donate, we can get an extra 25p from HMRC at no extra cost to you. 

Gift Aid Form  

Find out more about on the GOV.UK website:

If you are not a UK taxpayer:

  • Please pay via ParentMail, or set up a monthly standing order to this bank account: DUNDONALD SCHOOL FUND, Sort code 30-99-66, Account number 00311037

Will my child be affected if I cannot pay?

The donation is voluntary and confidential; not making a payment will not affect your child in any way. 

How much should I contribute?

This is up to you and depends on your personal circumstances. Most existing contributions are £20 per month but we ask those parents and carers who can afford it to give more.   

If you are a UK taxpayer we politely request a minimum monthly donation of £10 or a minimum one-off donation of £50 to keep the administration of the Gift Aid scheme justifiable. However, we are very grateful for any amount you can give via the non-Gift Aid account. 

Who manages the School Fund Gift Aid account?

As the PTA is a registered charity and can claim Gift Aid, the PTA treasurers will have oversight of the Gift Aid account. This is to ensure an appropriate level of access, accountability and privacy. These account holders will ensure information about donors and donations is kept strictly confidential.

The donations are transferred directly to the school on a weekly basis. The School Fund is spent by the school for the school and is overseen by the governors, the PTA is not directly involved in any spending decisions for the fund.