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Dundonald Primary

Dundonald School Fund

As well as government funding, our school is fortunate enough to receive income from other sources such as the PTA and Dundonald School Fund. The school fund is made up of contributions from parents and carers. We use this to meet the cost of 'extra' activities and workshops that are not covered by the main school budget.

We are suggesting a donation of £10 a month, per family and request the voluntary contribution to be made via a monthly standing order. With this level of contribution from everyone, we can continue to improve the school and give our children the best educational resources. Families that are facing financial hardship should not feel obliged to contribute to the school fund. 

If you would like to contribute to the school fund, you can set up a standing order via online banking or by completing and sending the Dundonald School Fund Standing Order Form to your bank. Please feel free to contact the school office if you have any queries.

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What is the School Fund used for?

We have used the School Fund in the past towards events and resources such as International Week, music and parent workshops, Manga High software, Discovery Learning software, Healthy School Week. This can vary from year to year.

Will my child be affected if I cannot pay?

The donation is voluntary and confidential. Not making a payment will not affect your child in any way. 

What is the difference between School Fund and PTA contributions?

The PTA organise events and fundraisers which help pay for school resources such as playground equipment, class cameras, tablets and Christmas activities. School Fund is money donated to the school by families. We primarily use this to meet the cost of 'extra' activities and workshops not covered by the main school budget.

Can I contribute more?

Yes. Your contribution does not have to be set to £10 per month.