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Dundonald Primary

Dundonald School Fund

The school fund is made up of contributions from parents and carers. Whilst in the past this was used for 'extra' activities and workshops today this is used for essentials, as government funding is insufficient. 

We suggest a minimum donation of £10/month per family although many parents/carers who can, generously give more. Unfortunately, this additional funding is necessary to maintain the standards of our school and give our children the best educational resources. We request voluntary contributions be made via a monthly standing order (although one-off donations will also be gratefully received). Families that are facing financial hardship should not feel obliged to contribute to the school fund.

If you would like to contribute to the school fund, you can set up a standing order via online banking or do so by completing and sending the standing order form to your bank.

There are two ways to donate to the school fund - directly to the school or via the PTA. If you are a UK taxpayer, please donate via the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a charity with Gift Aid status, the PTA can boost your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. The PTA will pass on all donations to the school and the additional 25% will really help in the current funding crisis. Please note that if you donate to the PTA, you will need to complete and return a Gift Aid form in order for your donation to qualify.

Find out more about Gift Aid on the GOV.UK website:

Letter to Parents/Carers June 2019  

Will my child be affected if I cannot pay?

The donation is voluntary and confidential; not making a payment will not affect your child in any way. 

Why is the school fund needed?

The school funding crisis is a national issue, affecting schools across the country. The leadership of Dundonald Primary School is doing everything it can to mitigate the effects. Some very difficult decisions have already been made but despite this, the school is forecasting a deficit for 2019/20. 

The school is increasingly reliant on donations from parents/carers and funds raised from PTA activities to subsidise the budget. The PTA is organising a petition to voice concerns to the government.

What is the difference between School Fund and PTA?

Whether you donate to the PTA or directly to school, the money will be spent on school resources prioritised by the Headteacher and overseen by the governors.

The PTA is a charity that fundraises for the school and is run by volunteers. Funds raised from PTA activities and ticketed events (e.g. school disco) also go to the school but do not necessarily qualify for Gift Aid. The PTA works closely with the school to allocate these fundings. 

The PTA, governors and Headteacher work collaboratively in the best interest of the school.

Can I contribute more?

Yes. Your contribution does not have to be set to £10 per month. 

Where can I get a Gift Aid form?

Download the form below and print it out at home or pick one up from the school office. Please sign the form and return it to the school office. The PTA is obliged by HMRC to keep these as evidence for Gift Aid submissions. 

Gift Aid Form 

 Who manages the Gift Aid account?

Gift Aid qualifying school fund donations will be kept in a separate account from the money raised through PTA events. The School Business Manager and the PTA treasurers will have oversight of the Gift Aid account. This is to ensure an appropriate level of access, accountability and privacy. These account holders will ensure information about donors and donations is kept strictly confidential.