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Dundonald Primary


Dundonald Eco-Warriors are made up of two representatives from each class, Year 1 to Year 6.

They are elected at the beginning of the autumn term to lead projects and address issues relating to sustainability.  The Eco-Warriors meet on a regular basis (usually weekly) and they feed back to their classes on action points and represent their class’ concerns and ideas at meetings.  The Year 5 Eco-Warriors also have the role of Junior Travel Ambassadors.  This means they have extra responsibility for looking at travel issues in the school. The Junior Travel Ambassadors will be aiming to renew the school's Gold Level Status in Summer 2019, which is awarded to schools who demonstrate their commitment to sustainable travel. 

The Eco-Warriors take the lead in reviewing the sustainability issues in the school.  In the autumn term they carry out an Environmental Review and any issues arising are then incorporated into the Eco Action Plan, to be worked on throughout the year. The Eco-Warriors are also involved in presenting assemblies to the whole school such as launching and promoting the Eco-Code, introducing competitions, running campaigns as well as passing on green messages and reminders. 

On a weekly basis they help the site manager take energy meter readings, empty the paper recycling bins in the classrooms and monitor energy efficiency in the classrooms by making sure lights are turned off and doors are closed when classrooms are not in use.

Every two years the Eco-Warriors are involved in renewing the school’s Green Flag, which is an award recognising the school’s eco work.  During this process the school has to show how they are working on the 10 eco-topics of transport, waste, water, litter, school grounds, healthy living, energy, marine, biodiversity and global citizenship. The Eco-Warriors will submit their application to renew the school's Green Flag in Spring 2019.


In July 2018 Dundonald Primary School has been voted England's number one Green Ambassador School.  


Projects 2018/19 include:

  • Encouraging biodiversity - bug hotel/bird boxes
  • Opal Tree Health Survey (Dundonald Rec)
  • Community links with Wimbledon Guild (including visiting their community garden)
  • Litter picking
  • 2nd Hand Uniform Sales
  • '20 is Plenty' campaign on the roads by the school
  • Switch-Off Fortnight class competition
  • 'Debra the Zebra' calendar competition
  • Cycle training
  • Eco-stall at the winter fair
  • Planting bee and butterfly friendly plants in the EYFS garden
  • Textile collection
  • Waste Competition
  • 'Go Nude with Food' campaign to reduce plastic
  • Community links with the Friends of Dundonald Rec to support with the Dundonald Rec nature garden

Meet the 2018/19 Eco-Warriors

Year 1F: Isra and Daniel
Year 1M:  Ben and Lila
Year 2H:     

David and Delilah

Year 2M:   Alexandr and Maeva
Year 3C:    Aras and Zoe
Year 3R:    Emili and Iiham
Year 4:   Alfie and Rachele
Year 5:   Felicity and Ignacio
Year 6: Benedikt and Elsa