Dundonald Primary School

Geography - Teaching & Learning

EYFS Geography Curriculum 2022/23  

National Curriculum - Geography Programmes of Study (KS1 and KS2)

Geography | Skills Progression 

Geography’s fundamental role lies in helping children to understand the world, its environments near and far, and the processes that create and affect them. At Dundonald, our curriculum encourages children to collaboratively and critically examine, explore, appreciate and comprehend the world in which they inhabit.

Our Local Area

We believe that a fundamental element of working geographically is the notion of physically venturing out into the world and exploring the processes of our planet through practical fieldwork investigations.

We are so fortunate to be able to deepen our understanding through use of our local environment and develop our geographical fieldwork skills on our doorstep. From exploring the physical features of Dundonald Recreation Ground on a ‘seasons walk’ in Reception to discovering the depths of the River Wandle in Year 5, children throughout the school engage in various collaborative outdoor learning opportunities within the local environment.

Language of the Month

At Dundonald we have a number of children whose first language is not English. Each month we introduce a new language that is spoken by children in our School.  We believe it gives children the opportunity to show respect for each other’s languages and cultures and gives us all the opportunity to broaden our skills.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development and British Values

As a Rights Respecting School, our ethos and curriculum promotes positive attitudes towards becoming responsible and successful citizens. Children engage in debates and investigative enquiry to understand what it means to be sustainable and discover how they can influence the world as much as it influences them.

They develop respect for the environment and those within it, promoting the British Values of ‘Mutual Respect’ and ‘Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs’.