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Dundonald Primary

Teaching & Learning Music

Music is an important part of school life at Dundonald.

We provide children with a wide range of extracurricular musical opportunities, including two choirs, the Community Orchestra, two recorder clubs, a musical theatre club and a variety of individual instrumental lessons offered in school by the Merton Musical Foundation (MMF) tutors.

Our annual Musical Extravaganza and our Christmas concert provide opportunities for children to perform both individually and as members of the choirs and orchestra.  

The Music Leader's role is to continue to raise the profile of music in school and find new ways of integrating music into our everyday school life.

Our weekly singing assemblies give all children a chance to experience the pleasure of communal music-making and we also regularly enjoy listening to solo and small group instrumental performances in our assemblies.  A number of children in Upper School have recently been appointed as Music Leaders. Their role is to continue to raise the profile of music in school and find new ways of integrating music into our everyday school life, from the playground to the classroom.

For further details of what your child will be doing in music this term please refer to their year group’s Medium Term Plan.

Please click here to download the National Curriculum for Music.

The Dundonald Musical Trust

Desmond and Joanna Bazley set up the Community Orchestra in 2005. Mr Bazley died in 2015 but when he had become aware that he had not long to live he had taken steps to ensure the future of the Community Orchestra by setting up a Charitable Trust Fund. 

The Dundonald Musical Trust was established 'to advance the musical education of the children by providing experience of musical ensemble and the opportunity to perform in concerts'. The Trust employs a conductor, Joan Child and a pianist, Emma Hawksley and has a large team of adult helpers (new volunteers are always welcome).

Parents may wish to make a donation to the Dundonald Musical Trust to ensure its valuable work continues. Cheques can be made out to 'The Dundonald Musical Trust' or money can be transferred to the NatWest Bank, Sort Code 602406, Account No. 87514761

Music News

Thirty-five members of the Dundonald Lower School Choir attended the Merton SingFest at St Mark's Church in Wimbledon. Several other local primary schools took part, each performing a range of songs, with everyone finally coming together to sing a new song. 

Dundonald's choir, the youngest group present, put on an impressive performance singing clearly and confidently. They were also a polite and appreciative audience for the other choirs. we were very proud of them."                     

Mrs Evans (Music Teacher)