Dundonald Primary School

Early Years Renovation

The Early Years children have had a wonderful return to school this week exploring their brilliant new classrooms! We had an exciting delivery from Early Excellence over the half term break and all of the classrooms spaces have been transformed.

The classrooms have been carefully designed so that the available space is now organised into smaller and distinct play areas. In each area, carefully selected resources are presented in a way that is appealing and accessible to the children, maximising opportunities for learning across the curriculum. The resources and provision that is now available in the classrooms each days provides a clear structure for active learning and supports children in becoming highly independent, exercising curiosity, practising self regulation and building their resilience; characteristics which research tells us are key indicators to successful learners. 

It has been a joy to see how well the children have been playing and learning this week engaging so positively with their new and improved learning environments. The positive impact is already very clear to see. 

Over the coming weeks the Early Years team will be continuing their work on the renovations, adding soft furnishings, lables and enhancements to the new spaces. We are always grateful for donations/gifts that can support us so if you have any of the following items or would be happy to purchase an item to gift to the school then please do come forward and email the school office/speak to a member of the Early Years team. 

We are looking for:

  • Neutral coloured rugs and cushions
  • Neutral coloured children's chairs/beanbags
  • Junk materials/loose parts such as boxes, buttons, corks, bottle tops, tubes, looly sticks, straws, ribbons, string etc
  • Faux plants and flowers
  • Writing/stationery resources such as paper, books, notepads, cards, envelopes etc

We would like to thank our wonderful PTA who funded this project. Without their continued hard work to raise funds this would not have been possible. We are extremely grateful for their dedication and commitment. 

Early Years Renovation