Dundonald Primary School

Parent/Carer Workshops


We frequently hold parent/carer workshops and information meetings and these are communicated to parents/carers via the weekly newsletter and school website. Links to webinars from external providers that might be of interest for parents/carers will also be communicated.

Slides/recordings of parent/carer workshops covering a range of topics can be found below. 

Please get in touch, if you wish a certain topic to be discussed/introduced in a workshop.

Thank you.


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Workshop February 2024

Phonics and Early Reading October 2022


Year 2 Bridge to Spelling October 2023

KS2 Spelling Workshop October 2023


Reading at Dundonald


KS1 Writing March 2024



Multiplication April 2024

KS2 Maths March 2024

Part-Whole Models supplementary resource

Place Value Charts supplementary resource

The Bar Model supplementary resource

KS1 Maths March 2024


Parent and Carer Guide To Statutory Relationships and Health Education

Online Safety

Internet Safety Workshop Slides 2023

 OFSTED Report

OFSTED Slides 2023

 SATs Workshops

KS2 SATs Workshop 2024

KS1 SATs Parent Carer Workshop Slides Jan 2023

Pastoral & Wellbeing Workshops

How to Support Your Child with Anxiety - Educational Wellbeing Service Workshop Slides - March 2023

Anti-bullying parent/carer workshop 2022


Learning Through Play October 2023

Developing Early Mathematics November 2023

Developing Early Language and Literacy November 2023

EYFS AHT/HT Forum Slides 2022/23


Google and Parent Zone run regular quick drop-ins for free about everything from cyberbullying to protecting personal information.


Dates can be found here: https://www.parents.parentzone.org.uk/dropins