Dundonald Primary School

Peer Mediators

What is the role of a Peer Mediator?

Children in Year 6 are trained as Peer Mediators as part of our ethos as a Rights Respecting School.

When they are on duty, children will be stationed at different points in the playground and will help to resolve conflicts, making sure that we are respecting one another's rights to play. 

During the Peer Mediator training, children focus on a number of skills including being patient, listening carefully, being empathetic and clarifying what happened in simple language.

There are four key steps which our peer mediators would follow to help other children to resolve conflict: 

  • Ask the first person to tell their side of the story. Ask the second person to tell their side of the story. 
  • Ask each person to say how they feel about what has happened and about what has been said. 
  • Ask each person to say what they would like to happen now. 
  • Agree a way forward.

Children understand that they are there to mediate, but not to take responsibility for solving problems or enforcing any sanctions or rewards. 

Being a  Peer Mediator is a very important job at Dundonald and the role is extremely beneficial to other children as well as themselves.