Dundonald Primary School


Article 31

Children have the right to play and rest.

We believe break time is an important part of the school day and an opportunity for exercising, socialising and having a break.

It is wonderful to see the children enjoying their morning and lunch break at Dundonald. The children get engaged in all the playing opportunities. It is particularly nice to see children of various year groups playing together. The music wall, which has been kindly funded by the PTA, has proven to be a real success. On a sunny day we get extra instruments out to engage the children in some music making.

Every child gets the opportunity to spend the time doing something that they enjoy. This may be reading, drawing, playing chess, football or table tennis, using the traversing wall, playing in the artificial grass area, swinging on the monkey bars or just socialising or having a break on the friendship bench. 

When Peer Mediators (children from Year 6) are on duty, they will be stationed at different points in the playground and will help to resolve conflicts, making sure that we are respecting one another's rights to play.