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Dundonald Primary

Rights Respecting Steering Group

Dundonald's 'Rights Respecting Steering Group' is a group of children and adults who meet together to discuss, plan and drive forward everything we do as a Rights Respecting School.

A group of children from Year 6 are our pupil representatives and they do an amazing job. These children applied to be on the Steering Group at the beginning of the academic year by filling in a short questionnaire stating why they wanted to join the Steering Group and why being a Rights Respecting School is important to them.

Article 12 in the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child states that "all children have the right to an opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously." During Steering Group meetings, all contributions and decisions are mutual, and the children's ideas are as important as the adults' ideas. Children are responsible for recording the minutes of each meeting, which are then displayed next to the noticeboard of the Rights Respecting Steering Group.

This year, there is a lot on the agenda and the members of the Rights Respecting Steering Group have recently designed the school's Playground Charter.