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Dundonald Primary

School Council

Dundonald School Council is made up of two representatives from each class, starting from Year 1. At the beginning of the autumn term, the children elect two people to represent their views and attend school council meetings. These are held every two weeks, where the school councillors investigate issues raised by their classmates, Mrs Duffy (Headteacher) or outside agencies (Governors, members of the PTA and members of the LA). The councillors then feed back to their classmates about what happened at the meeting and make things happen, or explain why they can't.

In the current academic year the following children represent the School Council:

Ayesha and Kayden (Year 1F), Rocky and Zara (Year 1M), Linnea and Thomas (Year 2H), Ruhani and Iddy (Year 2M), Sophia and Dhruv (Year 3C), Dylan and Vir (Year 3R), Nathan and Tilly (Year 4), Hakim and Emily (Year 5), Emily and Beatrice (Year 6).

School Council Aims:

1) To give Dundonald's pupils 'a voice' and to make sure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.

The school council wants to empower all children at Dundonald Primary School.            Empowerment is not only about academic success; it also means having your views listened to, respected and acted upon.  

2) To give pupils the opportunity to work alongside other members of the school community (staff, governors, visitors, parents/carers).

3) To encourage collaboration between pupils of different ages.

4) To allow pupils to experience democracy at first hand and learn the importance of being active   citizens.

 Recent Projects and Achievements:

 1) Interviewing staff for the school's newsletter.

 2) Suggestions on how to improve lunchtimes.

3) Deciding on equipment the children would like to play with at lunchtimes.

4) Organisation of Christmas Jumper Day  supporting DIPPS, a charity that puts defibrillators in public spaces. (December 2018)

5) Helping to launch democratic 'kindness cookie jars' for all classes to use.

6) Organisation of a fun run dressed as a superhero to raise money for JDRF, a charity that treats type 1 diabetes. (March 2019)

7) Coming up with plans on how to celebrate Dundonald's 125th birthday.