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Dundonald Primary

School Council

Dundonald School Council is made up of two representatives from each class, starting from Year 2. At the beginning of the autumn term, the children elect two people to represent their views and attend school council meetings. These are held every two weeks, where the school councillors investigate issues raised by their classmates, Mrs Duffy (Headteacher) or outside agencies (Governors, members of the PTA and members of the LA). The councillors then feed back to their classmates about what happened at the meeting and make things happen, or explain why they can't.

The school council want to empower all children at Dundonald Primary School.

In the current academic year the following children represent the School Council:


Empowerment is not just about academic success; it also means having your views listened to, respected and acted upon.

General Aim of the School Council is:

  • to explore real and current issues
  • to connect directly with the community
  • to learn through planning activities
  • to learn through 'doing'
  • to assimilate and reflect upon learning

Biggest Achievements in 2016/17:

  • organizing a Christmas Jumper day to raise money for the homeless
  • organizing 'Crazy Hair Day' to raise money for Red Nose Day
  • making changes to the school dinner menu
  • interviewing the governors to fully understand what they do for the school
  • launching the KS2 Anti-Bullying leaflet
  • helping to co-ordinate International Week (May 2017)
  • helping the PTA make decisions regarding the summer fair, movie night etc.
  • helping to make minor changes to the school that the councillors thought were important (e.g. singing more modern songs in singing assembly, investigating which pens should be used by children with a pen licence etc.)

 Recent Achievements (2017/18):

  • leading an assembly on how to use new playground equipment sensibly
  • creation of new staff questionnaire for Weekly News
  • launch of 'Wheel of Wellbeing' in every class
  • organisation of Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society which protects our seas, shores and wildlife (Global Goal 14)
  • launching the KS1 Anti-Bullying leaflet