Dundonald Primary School

School Uniform



We believe  that school uniform is an important part of school life; it creates a strong sense of belonging to the school community and encourages self-respect.

Therefore we ask all parents/carers and children to do their best to adhere to our dress code and to appear neat and tidy at all times.

How to purchase Dundonald-branded Uniform

Following parent/carer feedback we have changed supplier and we will now be working with VILLAGE SPORTS - (village-sports.co.uk).   Village Sports is a family run sports equipment and uniform shop located in Raynes Park.  Uniform can be purchased in person at their shop on Worple Road, or online via their website:

Village Sports

209 Worple Road
London SW20 8QY 



Uniform Requirements for Nursery

Children in Nursery wear a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan with woven school badge and plain blue or white t-shirt with own choice of bottoms. We recommend jogging bottoms or leggings as appropriate clothing is essential for children to feel comfortable and safe. Clothes that are easy to put on/take off encourages children as well to be able to manage their own needs.  Only the school sweatshirt or cardigan must be Dundonald branded uniform. all other items can be from any retailer

Nursery children should wear strong, flat, comfortable shoes which fit their current shoe size (no open toe sandals please).  

  • Royal blue sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece jacket with embroidered logo*
  • Plain blue or white t shirt
  • Grey jogging bottoms or leggings
  • Strong, flat, comfortable shoes (no open toes)

Dundonald Nursery uniform 2024

Uniform Requirements for Reception, Lower School & Upper School

For KS1 and KS2 children, the school polo shirt, school cardigan/sweatshirt and school bags must be Dundonald branded uniform. All other items are generic and can be purchased from any retailer.

  • Royal blue sweatshirt, cardigan, zip up sweat or fleece jacket with embroidered logo*
  • Short sleeve polo shirt with embroidered logo*
  • Trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore in dark grey
  • Summer dress or playsuit (optional for summer) in blue gingham
  • Socks in dark grey (white for PE)
  • Tights in dark grey 
  • Sensible, flat shoes in black, or completely black trainers. No open toed shoes or sandals
  • Book bag with logo (Nursery to Year 3)*
  • Backpack with logo (Year 4 to year 6)*
  • Royal blue summer cap*

Dundonald KS1 & KS2 uniform 2024

PE Kit

  • PE shorts in royal shadow stripe*
  • School polo shirt as above*
  • School sweatshirt as above*
  • Dark grey jogging pants
  • Trainers


*  Items must be purchased through Village Sports (see above for details)

Sandals must not be worn. 

The following items are also available for purchase through Village Sports but are non-compulsory:

  • royal blue fleece jacket with two zipped pockets
  • navy, showerproof, reversible fleece jacket with concealed hood and reflective tape
  • navy knitted hat with woven school badge
  • royal blue baseball cap

 Labelling Uniform

Please label all clothing clearly and permanently using your child's forename and surname.

Name labels can be purchased from www.easy2name.com. Please specify 'Dundonald PTA' when ordering so that the PTA can earn commission for the school. Thank you. 

Second-hand Uniform

The PTA organises second-hand uniform sales each term after school. Parents/Carers will be informed about upcoming sales via Arbor and our weekly newsletter. 

Lost Property

Unlabelled items that have not been claimed will be put into second-hand sales or taken to charity.