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Dundonald Primary

 to Year 5!    

Year 5M Teacher: Ms Mason | Year 5C Teacher: Ms Clarke 

Meet the Teacher 

Meet the Teacher - Miss Clarke 5C

Meet the Teacher - Miss Mason 5M

Year 5 Medium Term Plan 

The Medium Term Plans from this term and for previous terms (if available) can be found here.

Google Classroom

Please click here to enter Google Classroom.

Home Learning Subscriptions

Letter-join: Cursive Handwriting Practise

We teach handwriting at Dundonald using the Letter-join programme. Pupils wishing to practise their handwriting at home can log in to the Letter-join website ( on iPads and tablets as well as desktop computers and laptops.

Please refer to the login details that you have received for your child via ParentMail.

Please click on the icon below to get started:

Letter-join Home Users Guide



Online Safety at Home 

We would like to share the following links and resources with you that might help you to engage with your child and/or support it online:


How safe are the sites, apps and games that your child uses?


Support for your child:

Childline is there to help your child, if they have any questions or concerns; they can get in touch online, anytime, anywhere. 

Year 5 


Dundonald aims to provide pupils with the best access it can to online technologies. Filtering, monitoring and alert systems are in place to protect the children from unnecessary risk without overprotecting them. The school actively encourages children to think critically about content and communication from others and develop strategies for recognising inappropriate content/behaviours and how to deal with them. In return, we expect the children to demonstrate that they are responsible/critical users of digital technologies; at school and at home; the Pupil Acceptable Use Agreements reflect our expectations.

 Acceptable Use Agreement for Year 4/5/6  

We hope that parents/carers will draw up own online safety rules for outside of school as well that are also applicable when your child is at a friend's home. Please see Mr Berry (Y5B) or Miss Clarke (Y5C) if you have any additional questions.

Please find further advice on how to support your child online here.