Severe reactions (anaphylaxis[1]) can be triggered by a wide range of foods, but typically include peanuts and treenuts. Research indicates that as many as one in 70 children in the UK may be allergic to peanuts.[2] 

It is not the policy of ISS Education to knowingly use nuts[3] in any dishes or recipes. As a company, we make every effort to be nut[4] free, allowing us to accommodate pupils and students with nut allergies.[5] This policy is designed to provide parents and guardians with clear, accurate and up to date information on the products used by ISS Education thus allowing an informed decision to be made as to whether or not our meal provision will be suitable for your child and meet their dietary requirements.

Whilst we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our menus are nut free, some products, from some manufacturers, are produced in factories where nuts have or may have been present. In these circumstances, the supplier will place disclaimers on their products as below. We have no direct control over the manufactures’ processes or procedures in their factories.

Manufacturer’s Disclaimers:
  • Contains: The allergen is an ingredient in the product and is therefore deliberately present.
  • Made in a factory handling / made on the same line as previously produced etc: This is used to indicate the presence of the allergen indicated in the manufacturing environments. There are no guidelines as to the use of such statements and the level of actual risk they represent.
  • May Contain / May Contain Traces: This is used where it is believed there is a risk that the allergen identified may have unintentionally contaminated the product. This could be due to (for example) the allergen being used on the site and cleaning not deemed to be sufficient to remove all traces. May contain is the statement recommended by the FSA due to its clarity of message.
  • Does Not Contain: This indicates that the product does not intentionally contain the allergen, i.e., it is not in the recipe. Unless otherwise stated, it does not make any reference to the potential for cross contamination.
  • Free From: This indicates that a product does not intentionally contain the allergen, and that the risk of any cross contamination is absent or has been rigorously controlled.

The bulk of products supplied within the foodservice marketplace are labelled as ‘may contain nuts or traces of nuts’ due to the manufacturers covering themselves from any possible litigation costs if their products suddenly are assessed to contain nuts via cross contamination within the manufacturing location and or their inbound supply chain.

We work very closely with our suppliers and procurement team to ensure we have full nutritional and allergen information for every product, so all data is available to our operational colleagues. This enables us to produce menus for children with nut allergies[6,7].

At ISS Education we use just over 550 different food and drink products in schools (excluding fresh produce). None of the items available to and used by schools contain nuts. Of these products, the manufacturers claim on their packaging is as

• Does not contain nuts 98.7 %
• May contain nuts 1.3%.

A list of these items used by ISS Education containing the disclaimer ‘may contain nuts’ can be found listed in the table below[8].

At ISS Education we hope your child is able to enjoy the wide range of nutritionally balanced lunches available to them at their school. If you have any questions with regard to this policy, please contact us at:

If your child has food allergies and, or intolerances or requires a special diet for any additional medical reasons, please complete a Special Diet Referral Form (available from your child’s school reception) and return to us, along with a supporting medical referral.

Products listed which ‘may contain nuts’ 1.3%.

3663 Product Code Brand Product

84938 Yeo Valley Ubley Low Fat Strawberry Probiotic Yogurt
88685 Yeo Valley Ubley Low Fat Natural Probiotic Yogurt
89227 Yeo Valley Ubley Low Fat Fruited Mixed Case Yogurt
89233 Yeo Valley Ubley Thick N Creamy Fruited Mixed Case Yogurts
93737 Yeo Valley Ubley Low Fat Natural Yoghurt
96407 Yeo Valley Ubley Low Fat Peach Probiotic Yogurt
21493 3663 Coronet Cream Crackers Mini Packs

Anaphylaxis is an extreme and severe allergic reaction. The whole body is affected, often within minutes of exposure to the substance which causes the allergic reaction (allergen) but sometimes after hours. For more information please visit: 

Reference – Anaphylaxis UK Campaign (2012) 

It is not the policy of ISS Education to knowingly use seeds in any of our dishes or recipes. However, some products may contain sesame seed/oil.If you require further information please see our special diet protocol. 

The term ‘nut’ refers to both peanuts and tree nuts. Peanuts are a member of the legume family and not botanically related to tree nuts. Common tree nuts include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts. People who are allergic to tree nuts should also avoid peanuts and tree nut derivatives because of the risk of cross-contamination. People with an allergy to one type of tree nut have a greater chance of being allergic to other types. Coconut and nutmeg are not included in the list of tree nuts; however, they can cause allergic reactions, just like any other food. These items are not covered by our nut free policy. For more information please visit

For further information on the EU Food Information Regulation (FIR) (December 2014) and ISS Education’s compliance, please refer to the ISS Education ‘Special Diet Protocol’.

ISS Education cannot be liable for the processes and, or environments of our third party suppliers and manufacturers. We will advise and take account of product information they pass to us when preparing menus for children with notified nut allergies and err on the side of caution which may limit some product choices.

ISS Education cannot be responsible for any contamination or cross contamination that takes place prior to our receiving the products (examples of this may include contamination that takes place when a manufacturer transports product to stores or to us, contamination arising during the creation of the products, or in any other situation where nuts may have contacted the products).

ISS Education works closely with suppliers and will be continually working to reduce the number of these items available to primary schools and replace them where required with products which state they free from nuts on the packaging.