We have been advised by the Local Authority to remind all parents of the following:
The law states that all children are expected to attend school regularly and punctually unless they are ill. Leave of absence may be granted in exceptional circumstances only.

The law allows 1 day leave for religious observance – in line with the guidelines issued by the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

Parents are advised to make dental and other medical appointments wherever possible after school or in the school holidays. The School would expect evidence of such appointments in order to mark them as authorised absences. Acceptable evidence would be an appointment card/letter, a surgery stamp in the school home contact book or a signed/stamped compliment slip from the medical professional.

Taking a child on holiday during term time is not advisable as it causes considerable disruption to their education. Leave of absence is not an automatic right of parents but is authorised at the discretion of the Governors and Headteacher. If the school does not authorise the request and holiday is taken, the holiday will be recorded as unauthorised. The school will not authorise a request after a holiday has been booked/taken.

Your decision to remove your child during term time is your responsibility, and you are accountable for your child’s education and progress. It is not the school’s responsibility to make arrangements to ensure educational continuity for your child because of your decision to remove your child from school during term time. Therefore, please DO NOT take your child out of school during term time

The parents of pupils who children take 10 days unauthorised absence in any academic year may be issued with a Penalty Notice by the Local Authority and this could lead to a fine of £100 per parent for each child in the family with qualifying absence.

We hope that you will help us adhere to the law and local authority guidance above. Further advice and support can be obtained from the school’s Education Welfare Officer; please telephone 0208 545 4021.